Jimi Hendrix : Are you experiencd ?
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Are you experienced ?
3 avril 1967 au Studios Olympic, London, England (5.55)
Producteur: Chas Chandler
Ingénieur son: Eddie Kramer & George Chkiantz

If you can just get your mind together
uh-then come on across to me
We'll hold hands and then we'll
watch the sunrise
from the bottom of the sea
But first, are you experienced?
Uh-have you ever been experienced-uh?
Well, I have

(Well) I know, I know, you'll probably scream and cry
that your little world won't let you go
But who in your measly little world, (-uh)
are you tryin' to prove to that you're
made out of gold and-uh, can't be sold
So-uh, are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? (-uh)
Well, I have
Uh, let me prove it to you,

Trumpets and violins I can-uh, hear in the distance
I think they're callin' our name
Maybe now you can't hear them,
but you will, ha-ha, if you just
take hold of my hand
Ohhh, but are you experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?

Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful ...

Tous les instruments sont enregisrtés à l'envers ! A noter que Jimi joue du piano sur ce titre.
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